Teaching ideas

During 2015 Bianka Malecka and James Heath undertook classroom-based research as part of the English Australia Action Research in ELICOS program. We investigated the use of e-portfolios to enhance students’ writing skills in an EAP context. Students wrote weekly tasks to create an e-portfolio using the Wikispaces Classroom platform. This […]

Guide: how to set up e-portfolios for your class on ...

I recently came across an article Suresh Canagarajah wrote back in 1993, which I feel is still relevant today as a reminder to keep constantly reflecting on our teaching. In it Canagarajah describes his study of the graffiti or “glosses” that his Tamil students made in their textbooks during their […]

Canagarajah’s call to action (research)

Learning outcomes
I’ve been thinking about how to communicate learning outcomes / objectives / aims clearly with my students. There’s a lot of literature to support the benefits of making learning outcomes explicit in different educational contexts. (For example, “teacher clarity” is one of the top 10 influences Hattie identifies in his […]

Communicating learning outcomes to students