Lesson Plan: The first lesson with a new class 4

Every teacher regularly experiences the first day with a new class. For many, no matter how long they’ve been teaching, this brings a mixture of nervousness, anticipation and even dread. The first lesson is an opportunity to tap into student motivation, build a community of practice, diagnose student needs and expectations, orient students to the course materials and begin to establish rapport.

This lesson plan is a mixture of activities targeting these objectives and focusing on motivation and engagement. It’s a modular lesson – pick and choose the activities that you’d like to use in your first lesson, or over the first few days with a new class.

Please continue the discussion by adding feedback and your favourite first lesson ideas in the comments section below. Here’s the lesson plan (v1.1 Updated October, 2014 contains some new activities):

And here is the blank table for the follow-up lesson, where students watch each other’s video introductions:

This lesson plan has been presented at a number of workshops in Sydney – thanks to all of the workshop participants for your feedback!

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