Lesson Plan: Selfie Safari 1

  • Level: All levels
  • Skills: Speaking, Vocabulary, Presentations
  • Objectives: build relationships with classmates, practice polite language for talking with strangers, develop vocabulary related to the target items, become confident navigating the city, practice giving an informal presentation
  • Number of students: 4 +
Taking a selfie

Going on a selfie safari (flickr.com/photos/time-to-look/)

This is a simple, fun activity where students are given a list of places or items that they have to find and photograph in the city where they’re studying. Think The Amazing Race meets TESOL. Students work in teams and travel around the city to find the target items and take photographs of themselves with the items. Each target item is worth a certain number of points, and bonus points are awarded for photographs that contain all team members. Students then give an informal presentation to the class where they describe or tell stories about some of the photos they have taken, and the people they have met and interacted with on their journeys. The group with the most points wins a prize.

Download the teachers’ guide below for more details. And if you live in Sydney, download the ready-made “Sydney Selfie Safari” student handout below.

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