Song: Beautiful World by Colin Hay + Pronunciation Stop the Bus! 1

  • Level: Pre-intermediate – Upper Intermediate
  • Skills: Listening, Pronunciation, Speaking
  • Grammar: like + ~ing
  • Number of students: 8 +
Beach and rainbow

My my my, it’s a beautiful world.

This lesson features a fun adaptation of the “Stop the Bus!” board race game. In this version, students compete in teams to write words starting with certain letters containing a particular sound. This game leads into the song, which uses these sounds to highlight the concept of rhyme and demonstrate how rhyme can help students understand song lyrics.

There is some vocabulary work with phrases from the song, as well as group discussion practice of the “I like + ~ing” form.

“Beautiful World” is a really nice acoustic guitar-led song by Colin Hay of Men at Work fame, and was featured on the TV show Scrubs.

Please download the students’ book and teachers’ notes below, and feel free to use them in class, but please leave the attribution to If you use the song, we’d love to read your comments below.


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